Trademark/Copyright Litigation

Strong soft IP litigation experience, from basic infringement to DMCA issues

Botkin Chiarello Calaf has significant experience handling “soft IP” litigation: copyrights, trademarks, trade dress, unfair competition/false advertising, and Lanham Act claims. As trial lawyers first, we have successfully brought and defended a myriad of lawsuits in both federal and state courts.

From digital assets to products in the grocery store, we have handled numerous trademark and Lanham Act matters across the country that involve traditional trademark infringement (business names, services, food and beverages) as well as more complex internet-based matters (AdWords, SEO, domain names, and cybersquatting). Our experience in handling copyright litigation includes both “basic” infringement claims, fair use defenses, and more intricate Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) issues. We recently obtained a notable victory in federal court against a “copyright troll” that severely limited the amount of statutory damages available, turning a multi-million dollar case into a five-figure one.


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11 Jan 2022
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