Employment Counseling

Empowering businesses with sound legal guidance in employment matters

Our clients’ employees are often the heart of the business. Botkin Chiarello Calaf’s employment attorneys help our clients navigate the daily complexity of managing a workforce. We provide practical, timely advice on all aspects of the employment lifecycle, from complying with the myriad laws governing fair hiring practices, pay transparency, and background checks, to drafting confidentiality agreements to protect our client’s IP, to understanding the ever-changing landscape of federal and state wage and hour law, to working through tricky discipline and termination decisions. We conduct effective and timely internal investigations when sensitive matters arise. We help employers of one employee in Austin and employers of thousands of employees across the United States and around the world.

We help our clients manage and reduce risk, avoid disputes where possible, and create policies and practices that allow our clients to focus on their business.


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11 Jan 2022
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