Non-Compete Litigation

Effective representation for complex non-compete disputes

Botkin Chiarello Calaf’s attorneys regularly represent both employers and employees in non-compete cases. We have represented employers seeking to enforce noncompetition agreements so that former employees cannot join or start competitive enterprises and damage key business relationships. We have also represented employees whose careers and livelihoods are threatened when their former employers have accused them of violating noncompetition agreements or misappropriating trade secrets.

Litigation involving non-competition agreements is usually fast-paced—involving emergency temporary restraining order hearings, early motions for preliminary injunctions, and expedited discovery deadlines—with outcomes that have far-reaching consequences. Our firm can rapidly assemble a formidable litigation team to construct a clear-headed strategy that avoids unnecessary expense while achieving client goals.

Representative matters include: negotiating a favorable settlement and the return of confidential information from a former employee who went to work for a competitor of our client, a growing pharmaceutical company; securing settlement and compensation on behalf of a mortgage lender seeking to enforce a non-compete covenant against a former executive who joined a direct competitor just weeks after termination; and securing a favorable settlement on behalf of a leading multinational electrical distributor with hundreds of U.S. branch locations in a dispute against a former employee who had improperly solicited other employees to join a competitor.


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